USS-SD Battleship Videos

Battleship X - The USS South Dakota


One of the key leaders in building the USS South Dakota Battleship Memorial was Kelo Land Executive Vice President Evans Nord.  Nord had served as a naval officer during World War Two.  He sparked local opinion, fundraising and political clout to get the Memorial built. He was part of the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs committee that inspired the permanent non‑profit USS South Dakota Battleship Memorial Board to govern the project.

Kelo TV was the dominant TV station at the time so any news about the battleship always had a prominent place in programming.

Evans Nord and Kelo Land tasked one of their leading film makers, Howard Phillips, to do a documentary on the battleship/memorial.

While copies have been in existence, the original footage was found this past summer by the Nord family while disbursing the estates of the late Evans Nord and his wife Jean.  That valuable footage has been preserved, digitized and provides a historic insight into the USS Battleship South Dakota Memorial.